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In addition to the on-going general maintenance of St. Peter’s Church, the Parochial Church Council are proceeding with a number of special maintenance and development projects, to help both preserve this ancient building, and to make it better suited to the needs of the congregation and the community in the twenty-first century.

Project 1:  Defeat the Damp

The quinquennial architect’s report of 2016 identified that the north walls of the nave and the chancel are very damp, as also the vestry, especially the vestry floor. Internal decoration in these areas is damaged, and plaster may need to be removed (and replaced? )

Project 2:  Toilet and Ringing chamber

Mrs Freda Davis (died 2012) requested her family to provide a toilet in the church in her memory. The nearest public toilets are in Uppingham, some 4 miles from our church, and congregations need these facilities, and also attendees of community events held in the church. After much discussion it was agreed to install a toilet in the tower, beneath a new ringing chamber.

Project 3:  Servery

Most of our regular services are followed by tea / coffee and biscuits, giving our congregation an opportunity to socialise, and build the church community. We need to utilise the building throughout the week, for both religious and community events, and the ability to provide light refreshments is almost a necessity, while complying with food standard regulations.

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